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Swedish conference in economics

Welcome to the seventh Swedish conference in economics!

This year the conference is arranged by the Swedish Economic Association (Nationalekonomiska föreningen) together with the Stockholm School of Economics and it will take place on November 12-13, unless the pandemic postpones it again.

The conference starts in the morning of November 12 and ends in the afternoon of November 13. The program will contain a mix of shorter and longer presentations; open both to graduate students and senior researchers, as well as poster sessions. This year’s panel session will be on evidence-based policy, including researchers and policy makers.

The conference language is English.

Please see https://www.hhs.se/en/research/departments/de/Swedish-Conference-in-Economics-2021/ for more info. Paper abstract submission deadline is August 30, and you will be notified in early September on whether the paper is accepted. Hopefully by late August we know whether the conference can take place. Please indicate whether you are interested in presenting in the longer sessions or would like a shorter presentation or a poster presentation. Please submit your abstract here.